Jenny Howe first started scribbling stories into black-and-white composition notebooks with neon pink pens when she was in junior high and never really stopped. In college she decided to turn her love of stories into a career by pursuing a Ph.D. in literature, where she spent the next few years studying bizarre and entertaining medieval romances. Because she likes a good challenge, she wrote her first YA novel at the same time as she wrote her dissertation, and somehow managed to finish them both. She currently teaches college writing and literature courses that focus on pop culture and children’s literature.

Most of her books are about teenaged girls figuring out who they are and learning to embrace their awesomeness. And whenever possible, she tries to throw in some monsters.

When she’s not writing and teaching, she spends her time playing video games with her husband, knitting scarves (because she can only knit in straight lines), and getting far too emotionally invested in TV shows. She also takes too many pictures of her dog, Murray.